i965 textured video crash

Jeffrey W. Baker jwbaker at acm.org
Sun Nov 5 13:08:18 PST 2006

On Sun, 2006-11-05 at 12:30 -0800, Keith Packard wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-11-05 at 17:26 +0100, Luca Dionisi wrote:
> > But it is much slow. It has artifacts when I move the player window.
> > And when I rotate the cube (compiz) the video remains where it was.
> When running compiz, things will slow down; we don't yet have an
> efficient mechanism for transferring data from the window pixmap to the
> texture. I'm a bit surprised that it paints in the wrong place though;
> that "shouldn't" be possible. I haven't tried it recently though.
> Performance can be improved; the pixel shader program that we wrote has
> some obvious areas for performance improvement. Plus, it would be fun to
> have it use a longer filter, which should improve appearance compared to
> the simple bi-linear interpolation it is doing today.

For what it's worth, this seems to be one of the few places for an
outsider to make a contribution.  Anyone with an understanding of
digital filters, and maybe a copy of Octave or MATLAB, could improve the
scaling code without the need for chip docs.


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