[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server

Alan Hourihane alanh at fairlite.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 7 07:32:25 PST 2006

On Tue, 2006-11-07 at 15:19 +0200, S.Çağlar Onur wrote:
> 02 Kas 2006 Per 05:17 tarihinde, Daniel Stone şunları yazmıştı: 
> > Please test this one hard: in particular, the input paths have changed
> > massively, and need as much testing as they can get.  If there are a lot
> > of changes, I'd like to get a out the door reasonably quickly,
> > particularly also if there are changes like pci-rework involved (hi,
> > Ian!).
> Some build problems;
> * Can't build without Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz's CONFIG_LIB patch,
> * Can't enable glx with MesaCVS and libdrm 2.2.0 due to a missig symbol 
> (drmCloseOnce), but just converting drmCloseOnce to drmClose in 
> src/mesa/drivers/dri/common/dri_util.c solves this issue, by the way who 
> provides this symbol neither libdrm 2.2.0 package nor libdrm git-tree have 
> this?

It's in Mesa CVS. In src/glx/x11/glxext.c. So you need to install a new

The function call probably needs renaming though as it can be confused
to exist in the libdrm sources.


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