ATI Radeon X300 crashes my X11

R.L. Horn lists at
Tue Nov 7 15:00:33 PST 2006

On Mon, 6 Nov 2006, Miguel Cardenas wrote:

> Hello list

I keep having this problem when starting xorg:

Fatal server error:
Caught signal 11.  Server aborting

I've tried the driver from ATI.COM, the driver in the linux kernel 
(RTC+AGPGART+DRI), tried as Framebuffer (FB_RADEON), and in all cases and 
all combinations xorg aborts when starting because "signal 11".

My doubt is, do XORG support ATI Radeon X300 video chip ONBOARD (Intel 
D101G motherboard)?


An onboard video driver *should* look like any other PCI (AGP/PCIE) 
device.  The fact that X crashes when using the FB driver suggests that 
it's not specifically a video problem.  Are you able to get the server 
running using the VESA driver (it should almost always work)?

Unfortunately, there's not really enough information here to work with. 
At the least, you should post the contents of your Xorg.?.log file (signal 
11 merely indicates a segfault which could be occuring most anywhere).

It would also be useful to know where your X binaries came from.  If they 
came from a linux distribution, you might be better off taking your 
concerns there (some distributors love "fixing" things...occasionally with 
disastrous results).

Finally, it sounds like you might be running xorg X11R6 (/var/log isn't 
the canonical location of the log for R7).  If so, an upgrade (X11R7.1 is 
current but R7.2 is on the horizon) might help.  The R300 drivers are 
still a little dodgy, but I've got an Asus rv370 card running reasonably 
well with X11R7.1 (server 1.1.0) and Mesa 6.5.1.

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