How to determine modular paths?

Daniel Stone daniel at
Thu Nov 16 10:36:56 PST 2006

On Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 09:20:28AM -0800, Andy Ritger wrote:
> However, in many modular installations, the pkg-config command does
> not work because the .pc file is not installed along with the X server,
> but rather with the devel package which many users do not have installed.

Right, this is a packaging issue.

> Are the above pkg-config commands the correct way for 3rd party
> installation tools to determine the paths where the related files should
> be installed?


> If so, then I'd like to argue that it should not require installing a
> devel package in order to get the .pc file that defines these variables.
> Rather, it would be very helpful if distributions adjusted their packaging
> so that .pc files with these variables came with the xorg-server package,
> without the need to specifically install a devel package.

Again, this is purely a packaging issue: you should take it up with the

Though, if you were to go down that particular road, you wouldn't be the
first external utility to grep Xorg.0.log for your favourite strings ...

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