xorg driver for geode lx

Markus Heller markus at relix.de
Fri Nov 24 05:43:31 PST 2006

Dear Robert,

> We've done some more tests in the meantime and get a strange effect: It
> looks like, if you have for example black characters on a white
> background, each vertical black line has an unsharp cyan shadow on the
> right side. It looks a little bit like the TFT display doesn't get the
> colors right, somehow. It doesn't happen only with characters but also
> for example with the mouse cursor.
> Has somebody seen such an effect? The board+panel is running an old
> xfree86 with vesa drivers, without showing this effect (we'll try to
> build xorg 7.1 with vesa support tomorrow to see if we can reproduce
> it).

not being an expert for the inner architecture of x.org, I would guess these 
artifacts are due to a bad synchronization of the color signals - or a bad 
interpretation of the signals by the monitor. 

There's something else that comes to my mind: Have you tried another monitor? 
Were you able to exclude that it's due to the monitor? 

I'm not very consistent with the xorg modules. Perhaps one of the more 
experienced list members could comment on font addressing issues?

Best wishes,

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