xorg driver for geode lx

Rene Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Fri Nov 24 06:00:27 PST 2006


On Friday 24 November 2006 14:43, Markus Heller wrote:
> Dear Robert,
> > We've done some more tests in the meantime and get a strange effect: It
> > looks like, if you have for example black characters on a white
> > background, each vertical black line has an unsharp cyan shadow on the
> > right side. It looks a little bit like the TFT display doesn't get the
> > colors right, somehow. It doesn't happen only with characters but also
> > for example with the mouse cursor.
> >
> > Has somebody seen such an effect? The board+panel is running an old
> > xfree86 with vesa drivers, without showing this effect (we'll try to
> > build xorg 7.1 with vesa support tomorrow to see if we can reproduce
> > it).
> not being an expert for the inner architecture of x.org, I would guess
> these artifacts are due to a bad synchronization of the color signals - or
> a bad interpretation of the signals by the monitor.

Beside the VESA driver works for him could just be due to a lower refresh rate 
the VESA driver is delivering. The GeodeLX video signal was fine on my side 
with the LCDs we connected to the chip so far.

> There's something else that comes to my mind: Have you tried another
> monitor? Were you able to exclude that it's due to the monitor?
> I'm not very consistent with the xorg modules. Perhaps one of the more
> experienced list members could comment on font addressing issues?

In theory it could be due sub-pixel anti-aliasing of fonts on a CRT monitor, 
however this would not affect the mouse cursor and window borders, ...


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