Error of Beryl+AIGLX on i965

Jin, Gordon gordon.jin at
Sun Nov 26 00:06:02 PST 2006

Andrew Barr wrote:
> On 11/23/06, Keith Whitwell <keith at> wrote:
>> Andrew J. Barr wrote:
>>> I tried FC x86_64 myself on my DG965RY desktop board and it worked
>>> better than expected, but the windows on the screen were strangely
>>> corrupted--half of the window was scrambled, kind of stretched at an
>>> angle (it's kind of hard to describe what it looked like). This was
>>> the Compiz that comes with FC6.
>> That sounds like a bug that got fixed quite a while ago in Mesa. 
>> Maybe FC6 didn't pick those changes up/was waiting for a Mesa
>> release. 
> Do you have a link to a CVS diff or bug number that I could pick up a
> patch from? I have built updated Mesa 6.5.1 packages for Debian (two
> changes: -fno-strict-aliasing for gcc 4.1 and the
> post-6.5.1-i965-fixes.patch from the Fedora SRPM) and now I am
> reproducing the issue in Debian as well.

I believe here's Keith's 1-line patch for fixing this 64-bit issue:;a=commitdiff;h=a8a86

For FC6, it's said the patch is integrated to mesa 6.5.1-8 package:

Since the mesa version shipped in FC6 is 6.5.1-7, you need "yum update"
to get things ok.


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