Error of Beryl+AIGLX on i965

Andrew J. Barr andrew.james.barr at
Sun Nov 26 15:28:31 PST 2006

On Sun, 2006-11-26 at 16:06 +0800, Jin, Gordon wrote:
> Andrew Barr wrote:
> > On 11/23/06, Keith Whitwell <keith at> wrote:
> >> Andrew J. Barr wrote:
> >>> I tried FC x86_64 myself on my DG965RY desktop board and it worked
> >>> better than expected, but the windows on the screen were strangely
> >>> corrupted--half of the window was scrambled, kind of stretched at an
> >>> angle (it's kind of hard to describe what it looked like). This was
> >>> the Compiz that comes with FC6.
> >> 
> >> That sounds like a bug that got fixed quite a while ago in Mesa. 
> >> Maybe FC6 didn't pick those changes up/was waiting for a Mesa
> >> release. 
> > 
> > Do you have a link to a CVS diff or bug number that I could pick up a
> > patch from? I have built updated Mesa 6.5.1 packages for Debian (two
> > changes: -fno-strict-aliasing for gcc 4.1 and the
> > post-6.5.1-i965-fixes.patch from the Fedora SRPM) and now I am
> > reproducing the issue in Debian as well.
> I believe here's Keith's 1-line patch for fixing this 64-bit issue:
> ce53490bedb43ea414ead7e9d4cf30fc1de

That put the final nail in the coffin with regards to bugs in Compiz on
i965 for me! I'm running it now. Thank you ever so much for tracking
that down for almost-3-month-long quest (since I bought the
machine) is finally complete.

> For FC6, it's said the patch is integrated to mesa 6.5.1-8 package:
> html
> Since the mesa version shipped in FC6 is 6.5.1-7, you need "yum update"
> to get things ok.
> -Gordon

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