Need help

Uwe Konrad uwe.konrad at
Fri Feb 2 06:46:33 PST 2007

Yesterday i bought a new keyboard, an Logitech "UltraX Cordless Media 
Desktop". I set up the x server keyboard to "Logitech Ultra-X". All normal 
keys are working. The keyboard has some multimedia keys, these are working 
partial. Volume up ... down .. mute ... play ... and so on are ok. But i am a 
little bit confused about the extra funktions that are on the funktion keys 
when i press them together with the so labeled "fn" key ! I google around in 
the internet but there is nothing what fixes my problem. When i start xev and 
press the above keys only "fn together with ... f1,f8,f12" has a valit 
keycode. Some "fn together with fx" show a message without keycode but 
with "button x" what are the mousebuttons !? So i went to console and start 
showkeys -s. That shows me only scancodes for "fn together with f1,f8,f12" 
other cominations with fn key together with a funktion key are dead. When i 
start showkeys without a parameter all combinations fn key together with 
funktion key give me an keycode ????? Here are the keycodes that are printed 
from f1 - f12 pressed together with fn key ... 
172,290,256,291,260,258,259,171,294,292,293,166. So i can see that all keys 
with keycodes below 256 are shown under xev. All keycodes above 255 are not 
shown as keycodes with xev. But i dont understand why the commad showkeys 
prints  no scancodes for the combinations with keycodes greater 255 but 
keycodes ? I am very confused ...

Best regards
Uwe Konrad

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