Tatoo yer Notebook at XDC and other delights

Stuart Kreitman Stuart.Kreitman at Sun.COM
Sun Feb 4 10:23:54 PST 2007

Conference attendees:

We have secured some special assistance at the Techshop location to 
permit us to take advantage of
the resources offered to regular members.  If you have perused 
techshop.ws, you'd have a flavor of
the "shop class for grownups" offerings.  As part of our room rental 
feel, we will have day-pass priveliges,
which allows freedom to roam the facilities and to take SBU (safety and 
basic usage) classes in
the various equipment, including welding (gas, mig, tig), plasma 
cutters, and mill and lathe.
Learn how to lay a bead, then make some artwork in steel to show your 
boss how valuable your experience was
at XDC:


I understand that TS will be more flexible for our group, so don't mind 
apparent timingconflicts on this page.  Class signups will be offered in 
the mornings, classes will take place in the evenings after we finish 
our work.

Two particularly cool machines are available: laser etcher and 3D 
printer.  The laser etcher can accept most any
image data, (think logos or screen dumps!) and render it on a 
heat-sensitive surface. There's a big tunable exhaust
fan, so the thing can be dialed in to Not vaporize your laptop.  The 3D 
printer accepts 3D model formats and produces
hard plastic realizations at a cost of $2/copy.  For file xfer and 
compatibility questions, contact hung at techshop.ws

Lastly, I have devised a way to keep people from blowing out in 
mid-afternoon on Friday.
We're bringing in a jazz combo.  If you like the straight-ahead modes of 
Hargrove,  Eigsti, Redman, you'll like this group.

Best Regards,

Stuart Kreitman,
Conference Organizer

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