Getting involved in XInput hotplug development?

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Dnia niedziela 04 lutego 2007 19:42, James Cloos napisał:
> >>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Stone <daniel at> writes:
> Daniel> There's a testable device manager at:
> Daniel> git://

It's not easy to find this, really. Added the URL to the wiki, I hope the 
author won't mind that.
And he's right in one comment, the DBUS C API doesn't make much sense (as 
always when someone attempts to interface a strictly-typed language with a 
quite loosely-typed technology), and that's exactly why I thought I'd hate to 
have to implement this in C. I think on a prototyping stage like this, it 
makes much more sense to use a high-level language, in terms of code lenght 
and possible unrelated bugs - do we really need to hunt another pack of wild 
pointers down and struggle with dumb APIs, when the point is to test a piece 
of quite complex, but highly abstracted functionality which is bound to 
change frequently while under development? And the big DEs do not hesitate to 
depend on such languages, especially Python, anyway.

I'll be probably extending my Python version (which I posted yesterday, see 
the other mail) into a system daemon and a separate session client, maybe 
even with some kind of KDE control applet. Anyhow, I think this is how the 
devs decided it should be in the wiki. Shall I maybe post it there too? I 
think there could be some volunteers willing to help with it, coding in 
Python just takes much less time.

Still, some insight into what is being done in the server code would be 
useful, if not just interesting.

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