Intel 965G - working&supported Add2 card with TV-out/S-video?

Csillag Kristóf csillag.kristof at
Tue Feb 6 12:58:00 PST 2007

Hi there!

I am considering to buy a Foxconn motherboard with integrated g965 graphics.
However, as there is not S-video or TV-out connector on the MB,
I need to use an Add2 card to hook up my TV-set. However, this is quite
problematic, since there is not much information available on the internet
about these cards, and they are generally hard to find.

So I would like to ask here:

- Which Add2 cards (or add2 chipsets) work with g965?
- What is the state of support in i810 of these cards?

>From reading back in the archives, I can see that there is some
development going on
about the CH7021A chipset. Is this chipset compatible with g965?

Somewhere on Prolink's website I've read that ch7021 and ch7312 are for g945,
and only ch7315 is for g965. Is this true?

Is there an Add2 card that
    - has TV-out and/or S-video,
    - works with g965,
    - actually available in Europe (Prolink's PixelView PV-CH7315 only
ships in USA & Canada)
    - supported by the Linux driver?

I have been searching for quite some time, but I could not find any.

I really appreciate Intel's commitment for Free/Open source,
and I am willing to pay the somewhat higher price
(compared to similar nvidia/ati solutions).

However, if the lack of working accessories inhibits me from build my
system around
Intel's solution, I will be forced to use something else, with closed drivers.

That would be a shame.

Any thoughts?

    Kristof Csillag

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