Intel 965G - working&supported Add2 card with TV-out/S-video?

Wu, Nian nian.wu at
Tue Feb 6 23:24:30 PST 2007

Csillag Kristóf wrote:
> Hi there!
> I am considering to buy a Foxconn motherboard with integrated g965
> graphics. However, as there is not S-video or TV-out connector on the
> MB, 
> I need to use an Add2 card to hook up my TV-set. However, this is
> quite problematic, since there is not much information available on
> the internet about these cards, and they are generally hard to find.
> So I would like to ask here:
> - Which Add2 cards (or add2 chipsets) work with g965?
> - What is the state of support in i810 of these cards?

I know that both of g965 and g945 support Add2 card. I have not used Add2
on old platform.
>> From reading back in the archives, I can see that there is some
> development going on
> about the CH7021A chipset. Is this chipset compatible with g965?
> Somewhere on Prolink's website I've read that ch7021 and ch7312 are
> for g945, and only ch7315 is for g965. Is this true?
> Is there an Add2 card that
>     - has TV-out and/or S-video,

We have an Add2 card which has S-video port.

>     - works with g965,
>     - actually available in Europe (Prolink's PixelView PV-CH7315 only
> ships in USA & Canada)
>     - supported by the Linux driver?

Yes, I use them on Linux.

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