Intel graphics driver -- thanks!

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at
Thu Feb 8 04:12:18 PST 2007

i'm lurking too, on this list, waiting some HDTV (1080p MPEG2/H264)
support on these G965 chips.

i work for a university consortium working (also) on digital television,
and we plan to protptype a reference STB for interactive high definition
television, so this G965 should well fit the bill, provided the driver
is open.

but, i fear, we are not going to use X on a STB, but maybe directfb

it should be better in an embedded environment. but of course there's
more effort to port any XVMC or similar stuff to this environment.

i'll let you know.

thank you again for this task, anyway..

andrea venturi

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