Intel graphics driver -- thanks!

Nick Lidakis nlidakis at
Tue Feb 13 14:36:50 PST 2007

Keith Packard wrote:
> I use it on notebook machines extensively; my 915GMS has seen uptimes on
> the order of months while being suspended/resumed almost every day. Most
> of the credit here goes to the kernel folks who have been working out
> the hard problems for several years. The graphics piece is simple, by
> comparison, as it only requires that we be able to reinitialize the card
> from power-on state.
I should have been more specific. My question was in regards to your 
experience with "desktop" mother boards and their chip sets. My Thinkpad 
X40 suspends reliably as well, but I have yet to get any of my Linux 
desktop machines (via ATi -closed or open driver- or Nvidia graphics) to 
do the same. Are the Intel desktop boards, with their integrated 
graphics, better supported under Linux for S3 suspend?

Forgive me if this thread strays a bit off topic; from reading various 
lists, I can't tell if S3 suspend was troublesome with desktop machines 
because of the closed nature of the Nvidia and ATI drivers, or because 
of difference between mobile and desktop (ACPI?) chip sets. I just want 
to be sure that an Intel desktop chip set will perform as similar as an 
Intel mobile chip set as far as suspend states are concerned --before I 
spend money on a new CPU, board, and RAM.

If anyone else on the list has had good results using S3 suspend with an 
Intel "desktop" chip sets & integrated graphics,  pleased drop me an email.


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