xf86-video-intel LVDS fixes

Tobias Knieper tobias.knieper at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 02:07:43 PST 2007

On Tuesday 13 February 2007 19:34, Eric Anholt wrote:
> I've just pushed a change to avoid using the BIOS tables for mode
> setting on the LVDS in xf86-video-intel whenever possible.  I'm hoping
> this resolves many of the various LVDS issues reported, automatically,
> with no configuration necessary.  So, if you've had any trouble with
> laptop panels with the modesetting branch, please retest with the latest
> code and update your bug reports.

I gave it a try but i still don't get it to run on my notebook panel. The 
probed modes seem to be fine now, but i get the following error message:

chosen: dotclock 78857 vco 946285 ((m 138, m1 22, m2 16), n 5, (p 12, p1 1, p2 
clock regs: 0x90810000, 0x00051610

Fatal server error:
Couldn't find PLL settings for mode!

Without this fix it was possible to switch back to VT, this is no longer 

I'll attach both logfiles, one with the fix and one without.

Tobias Knieper
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