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Barton C Massey bart at
Thu Feb 15 00:05:51 PST 2007

Thanks much for the note.  This patch will stop java from
failing these asserts.  However, the general consensus among
X development leaders has been that we want to fix the
callers of Xlib with locking bugs rather than partially
papering them over.

Typically, if you are seeing one of these assertions trigger
it means that code is not properly acquiring or releasing an
Xlib lock.  Since such code is almost invariably
multithreaded (else why would it mess with Xlib locking in
the first place) it is probably going to experience other,
harder to diagnose, misbehaviors or failures.

If we can identify the offending calling code, I'm confident
we can get it fixed properly with little effort.


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> > resolution was. 
> from ArkLinux afaik.
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