Xorg & Matrox on IBM pSeries powerpc64

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> Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 08:04:23 -0800> From: idr at us.ibm.com> To: val3r10 at hotmail.com> CC: xorg at lists.freedesktop.org> Subject: Re: Xorg & Matrox on IBM pSeries powerpc64> > > For the time being, you have to use the fbdev driver in X.org. You'll> also want to make sure that the kernel is using the matroxfb driver.> Otherwise you'll be stuck with 8-bit color at 640x480. :(> > If you're super adventurous, this is 99% working the the pci-rework> branch. There are two main problems, both of which are fixed in the branch:> > 1. X.org doesn't know how to deal with PCI domains on pSeries. Your> card is in a domain 2 slot.> > 2. X.org is built as a 32-bit binary. All PCI devices on pSeries> (POWER4 and later) are physically above the 32-bit boundary, and X.org> doesn't know how to deal with that.> > These two things ruin any hope of getting stock X.org working with> accelerated drivers on pSeries. In fact, this is the reason I started> working on the pci-rework branch in the first place. :)> 
Many thanks for your answer, moreover as an IBM expert who cares about opensource software for pSeries... born to be AIX ;-)
I found such problems with Debian Xorg, and would try to go back to Xfree86, even I don't think it would solve.
Btw, I didn't manage to start the 8bit 640x480 X-server either, because even using video=matroxfb append when booting with kernel including all framebuffer drivers, I always got an error.
If needed, I could post those logs too.
About your pci-rework project, I'm braveheart to test anything could solve my 1-month problem!!!
I also bought an used ATI rage 128 pci mac on ebay to try and solve it, but as far as you told, there's no drivers issue but bus and addressing problem. 
Just, let me know where to find more infos about your this branch, and please a small guide how to compile/configure/make stuff & drivers on ppc64. I always had problems on such architecture... :-S
Thank you very much for a brand new hope
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