XGL, DMX and XPrint

Drew Parsons dparsons at debian.org
Mon Feb 19 22:57:09 PST 2007

On Mon, 2007-02-19 at 18:37 +0500, Vladislav G. Mikhailikov wrote:
> Hello, everybody,
> Just wonder, whether great merging of WORKING(!) DMX, XPrint and XGL
> will happen? What is the plans? If something of that dropped ( for example:
> use CUPS and kill X-Print, or X-Server will do DMX and XGL job and further
> development of DMX and XGL is not perspective) just let us know about it.

I'll be continuing to keep Xprint building and running (I'm operating
from a Debian context - we're only just now getting xserver 1.2
(X11R7.2) on our systems).  CUPS doesn't replace Xprint, they meet
different needs: Xprint provides an API similar to the raw X11 API for
generating image pages within an application which can be forwarded to a
CUPS printer.  Time and peer review permitting, I have intentions of
adding some OpenPrinting PAPI [1] support to get the default printer and
print resolutions recognised.

For applications wanting to use the Xprint API, I might suggest
considering Cairo, in the same way that you'd want to use GTK or QT
instead of raw libx11/libxaw.


[1] 	http://sourceforge.net/projects/openprinting/

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