Intel GMA graphics - any good for hi-def? 1920 x 1080 @ 50/60hz

manu eallaud at
Wed Feb 21 03:42:18 PST 2007

Le 21.02.2007 03:31:22, Keith Packard a écrit :
> On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 06:31 +0000, Stroller wrote:
> > Hi there,
> >
> > I'm about to start putting together a MythTV system which I'd like
> to
> > be capable of playing back hi-def (1080i/p) video, and I'd prefer to
> > use an Intel graphics card (but I'll settle for Intel on-board
> > graphics hardware;) because of the open nature of their drivers.
> The X3000 doesn't have built-in component video outputs, so you'll
> need
> to drive the screen with DVI (which you probably want to do anyway).
> For
> this, you'll either want to buy a BTX mother board that has the DVI
> built-in, or get an ADD2 DVI output card (for about USD 20-30). I'm
> fairly happy with the BTX boards we've gotten; the large external CPU
> fan means they're much quieter than any ATX system I have here, but of
> course BTX cases are not exactly commonplace.
> > Unfortunately, nVidia graphics cards are very popular on the MythTV
> > mailing list, and I haven't encountered any users there who are
> > happily using Intel graphics. I think I've read posts by people who
> > had trouble using older Intel graphics chipsets, but not many who've
> > tried and not the latest generation of Intel graphics chips, so I'm
> > not really able to get the best feedback from that list.
> For media purposes, the current drivers aren't taking full advantage
> of
> the hardware yet. It does provide Xv, but not the XvMC addition which
> moves motion compensation from CPU to graphics processor. A fast
> processor can keep up with the motion compentation computation, but
> doing that in the graphics processor would be preferred.
> From what I've heard, H.264 video is not compatible with XvMC
> acceleration; if this is true, then some HD content won't be
> accelerated
> in this fashion on nVidia cards either. I'm still learning what all of
> the various HD distribution mechanisms are using for compression
> schemes, perhaps XvMC is useful for enough of them to remain
> important.
> A few people are also looking at what it would take to do H.264
> acceleration, perhaps at a slightly higher point in the video decoding
> stack as well; the X3000 can perform effectively all of H.264, so we
> should be able to easily add iDCT and maybe even huffman decoding to
> reduce the load on the CPU even further.
> If XvMC support would make the X3000 more usable for lots of people,
> it
> would be quite reasonable to add it to the driver. I haven't estimated
> how hard it would be, I would certainly encourage people interested in
> doing this to go explore the current driver to see what might be
> possible.

Is there any doc in the driver or somewhere else to hack XvMC for i855  
and higher?


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