Intel GMA graphics - any good for hi-def? 1920 x 1080 @ 50/60hz

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> Hi there,
> I'm about to start putting together a MythTV system which I'd like to  
> be capable of playing back hi-def (1080i/p) video, and I'd prefer to  
> use an Intel graphics card (but I'll settle for Intel on-board  
> graphics hardware;) because of the open nature of their drivers.
> Unfortunately, nVidia graphics cards are very popular on the MythTV  
> mailing list, and I haven't encountered any users there who are  
> happily using Intel graphics. I think I've read posts by people who  
> had trouble using older Intel graphics chipsets, but not many who've  
> tried and not the latest generation of Intel graphics chips, so I'm  
> not really able to get the best feedback from that list.
> I don't mind splashing out for a decent Core2Duo processor but as I  
> read it, with all the other possible demands upon a system, even  
> these can struggle with HD playback if hardware acceleration is not  
> enabled. The common MythTV solution is to use a nVidia card & their  
> binary drivers with XvMC enabled.

no need. my 1.83ghz core 2 duo can do it only using 25-40% cpu using gl
fragment shaders to do yuv->rgb at 1920x1080 full hd. my single p4-3.4 can
manage it too 60-90%cpu (same video pipeline). that is my "media' box at home -
i do play. the card i use is a nv 6600gt (the lower end one on the p4 - the
core2 duo is a laptop with a nv 7900gtx).

> I believe that the X3000 can do hardware graphics acceleration, but  
> I'm not clear what the driver support is like for that?
> Can anyone give me some feel-good vibes about buying this hardware?
> I'm presently struggling to find a board that features the X3000 & an  
> onboard DVI port (not to mention the 6 x SATA, 3 x PCI, 3 x PCIe that  
> I'd prefer).
> Thanks in advance for any help or pointers,
> Stroller.
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