xdm and Linux-PAM

Демченков Артур Петрович spinal.by at mail.ru
Sat Feb 24 03:45:35 PST 2007


I have troubles running xdm.

Linux-PAM- (latest stable version)


1. The first case:
I have that string
session     optional       pam_lastlog.so
in /etc/pam.d/xdm
xdm restarts immediatly after I log in. No one file in my home directory  
is touched.
xdm versions prior to xdm-1.1.0 worked perfectly with such config.

2. The second case:
I've commented the string with "pam_lastlog.so" and xdm-1.1.4 work as  
Is there something broken in xdm-1.1.* ?  Where should I report it?

Best regardz, Spinal

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