Cirrus GD5446 at 1280x1024 - half way there!

Robin Atwood robin at
Sat Feb 24 12:41:26 PST 2007

On Sunday 25 Feb 2007, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Robin Atwood wrote:
> > I have been struggling with this for a week but I am stuck and no one
> > else on various lists has much idea either. Perhaps you guys have the
> > answer. I have installed Solaris 10 in a virtual machine under Qemu.
> > Solaris is configured to use Xorg and Qemu emulates the CL GD5446 video
> > adapter.
> [...]
> > and the screen section has a default depth of 16.
> The default methods of starting X on Solaris pass "-depth 24" on the
> command line, which overrides the xorg.conf file.   You can change the
> depth they pass by running:
> svccfg -s svc:/application/x11/x11-server setprop options/default_depth=16
> (See the Xserver(1) man page on Solaris for more details.)

Thanks, but I have already discovered that and made my own Xserver file. Xorg 
is using 16 bpp but the display is still wrong.

Robin Atwood.

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