Firefox addressbar autocomplete and XRaiseWindow

Christopher Backhouse cjbackhouse at
Tue Jul 3 16:10:25 PDT 2007


I am currently writing a window manager for my own use. As such it does 
very few of the fancy things window managers are supposed to do.

The only remaining bug that prevents me from using it in everyday use is 
the following:

If you start X without a window manager and running firefox "xinit 
firefox" then the autocomplete popup when you type an address you have 
visited before in the address bar doesn't work. I do see occasional 
flickers of it.

I was working on the assumption that it was simply hidden behind the 
main window. A little bit of investigation (setting 
SubstructureNotifyMask) shows me that every time I press a key I get one 
MapNotify and then with the next keypress two (for some reason) 
UnMapNotify's and another MapNotify. Presumably the popup window is 
mapped and unmapped as its contents changed.
So, I added code that when I get a MapNotify I use XRaiseWindow to try 
and raise the window just mapped, I expect this is the behavior I want 
anyway. This doesn't help.

if(event.type==MapNotify) XRaiseWindow(display,event.xmap.window);

So, am I doing this wrong? Is the window not showing up for some other 
reason? what aspect of correct window manager action am I missing here?

If this is a question for some firefox list then tell me, but I suspect 
this issue will be generic for all windows belonging to some class.

Thanks - Chris

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