Intel 965 + Fedora 7

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at
Wed Jul 11 08:06:11 PDT 2007

On Wednesday, July 11, 2007 7:20:18 am Jeremy L. Moles wrote:
> We recently received something we've never seen before in the laptop
> world: a 1920x1200 resolution laptop using the Intel video card. In the
> past we've seen upwards of 1600'ish, but never 1920. I've got Fedora 7
> installed, using the new intel driver and Xserver 1.3.
> My problem is that the display in Linux (which works correctly in
> Windows) is very "blurry" or "fuzzy." My first suspicion is that the
> resolution isn't actualy 1920x1200, even though the Xserver thinks it
> is. However, I can take a screenshot using Gnome and the resultant image
> is indeed 1920x1200.
> My second suspicion is that the new Xserver (or perhaps just the new
> Intel driver) somehow uses what it determines as the proper DPI to
> attempt to optimize or adjust the display in some way.
> At any rate, if anyone has experienced this or has any additional
> information I'll be glad to try any suggestions or provide any data
> necessary.
> I've attached the Xorg log file as well as the xorg.conf file.

This sounds like the panel fitting problem some people have described.  Old 
driver releases would set this bit even if the mode was set to the native 
size.  The last driver release doesn't do this, so you it may fix this issue 
for you.


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