Intel 965 + Fedora 7

Jerone Young jerone at
Wed Jul 11 10:08:15 PDT 2007

This problem has been resolved in the Intel driver in the Intel git
tree. Get that, build it , and if you still have the problem reopen

On 7/11/07, Jeremy L. Moles <jeremy at> wrote:
> We recently received something we've never seen before in the laptop
> world: a 1920x1200 resolution laptop using the Intel video card. In the
> past we've seen upwards of 1600'ish, but never 1920. I've got Fedora 7
> installed, using the new intel driver and Xserver 1.3.
> My problem is that the display in Linux (which works correctly in
> Windows) is very "blurry" or "fuzzy." My first suspicion is that the
> resolution isn't actualy 1920x1200, even though the Xserver thinks it
> is. However, I can take a screenshot using Gnome and the resultant image
> is indeed 1920x1200.
> My second suspicion is that the new Xserver (or perhaps just the new
> Intel driver) somehow uses what it determines as the proper DPI to
> attempt to optimize or adjust the display in some way.
> At any rate, if anyone has experienced this or has any additional
> information I'll be glad to try any suggestions or provide any data
> necessary.
> I've attached the Xorg log file as well as the xorg.conf file.
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