Per-pointer acceleration/treshold

Nathanael D. Noblet nathanael at
Wed Jul 11 14:29:24 PDT 2007

Nicolas Trangez wrote:
> Hija,
> Currently I know of one function in X11 to set pointer
> acceleration/treshold: XChangePointerControl. While checking the libX11
> and xserver sources it looks like this one request just changes the
> accel/treshold values on all known mouse devices.
> It might be pretty usefull to be able to do this on a per-device base
> too, though (I think). Maybe it's just me, but I like to have a
> "sensitive" touchpad, so I configured my gnome-settings-daemon, which
> uses XChangePointerControl, to use the highest possible acceleration.
> When attaching an USB mouse, the acceleration is too much though. So it
> would be pretty neat if I could be able to adjust it per-device.
> Question is: would a patch to add such a request (or change the existing
> one, if that's allowed?) have any chance to be accepted? It'd be my
> first "core" xserver hacking, but there should always be a first
> time :-)

I don't know anything about the current abilities, but I would say I 
agree 100% in principal that a sensitive touchpad and less sensitive 
mouse would be appreciated/nice to support.

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