xserver distribution problems

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at Sun.COM
Wed Jul 11 16:57:11 PDT 2007

vehemens wrote:
> Found some breakage a while ago creating a xserver distribution on my FreeBSD 
> box.
> 1) in dix, fails looking for dix.c.  DTRACE option?
> 2) in os, fails looking for os.c.  DTRACE option?

What is looking for those files?   The DTRACE bits don't reference either one.

> 3) in hw/xfree86/os-support, fails with: Could not find ./.deps/solaris-.Plo. 
> os related?

I've noticed automake 1.10 breaks on the $(SOLARIS_INOUT_ARCH) stuff - I've
got a fix in my tree that I'll push upstream once I've verified it builds okay.

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