xserver distribution problems

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at who-t.net
Thu Jul 12 22:29:12 PDT 2007

vehemens wrote:
> 1) in dix, fails looking for dix.c.  DTRACE option?
> 2) in os, fails looking for os.c.  DTRACE option?

I can confirm that. In both cases it is part of the if XSERVER_DTRACE 

removing the line
gets around that, but not sure what the side-effects of that are.

> 4) in hw/darwin/quartz, fails with: don't know how to make quartz/Xserver.m. 
> os related?

same here. removing the line in hw/darwin/Makefile.am gets rid of it. 
with side-effects I suppose.


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