Multimedia support (Re: X Developers' Summit)

Josh Triplett josh at
Mon Jul 16 20:31:59 PDT 2007

Helge Bahmann wrote:
> I would like to get involved with and its future in the area 
> of "multimedia". Maybe the X developers' summit  would be a good occasion to 
> meet and discuss ideas, if you have a slot to spare I would be happy to give 
> a short talk on what I have done and what could be done in the future.
> My interest is in extending the X Window System to provide support for 
> network-transparent multimedia. To demonstrate that this is conceptually 
> viable I have written three X extensions, providing: timing support, audio 
> support, compressed media support. The extensions are minimalistic but 
> sufficient to enable many multimedia applications, including for expamle
> - network-transparent, robustly synchronized video/audio playback
> - network-transparent video editing (cutting, effects) with real-time preview

This sounds like some very impressive work.

If you plan to provide new X extensions, I highly suggest that you do so by
making use of XCB.  Describing your extensions with the XML-XCB protocol
description format will give you an automatically generated client side
library, and soon some of your server-side code.  Furthermore, XCB's latency
hiding and other optimizations should specifically help extensions like yours.
Feel free to subscribe to the XCB mailing list xcb at and
ask us for any help or information you might need.

Good luck on your project!

- Josh Triplett

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