How has (keyboard) input init and handling changed between 6.8 and 7.2+ ?

Tiago Vignatti vignatti at
Mon Jul 23 20:16:03 PDT 2007

Stuart Kreitman escreveu:
> I have an X device called Sunray which is a very thin client. The 
> keyboard, mouse, and display are attached to a small node
> which maintains a UDP connection to a unix host. The host computer runs 
> a complete X server which has a ~ddx~ that keeps an in-core screen,
> does pixel-scraping, and translates the screen, kbd, mouse stuff into a 
> wire protocol.
> I have all the initializations working and 2 out of 3 devices 
> functioning (screen and mouse), but there doesn't seem to be a peep from 
> the keyboard yet.
> I'm thinking WaitForSomething() is either not seeing it or is disposing 
> it as trash.

Peter's blob driver doesn't do this [0]? BTW, the Sunray seems a very 
interesting solution.



Tiago Vignatti
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