Problem with drm

kr992 kr992 at
Thu Nov 1 01:59:56 PDT 2007


 I have strange problem with compiled modules from git , first i should tell 
that I have old laptop with 915GM card , and Ive install debian on it , 
debian unstable is with all dist-upgrades , and I have newest kernel from 
git , and all xorg from git , drm , mesa from git , I could run kde but I 
couldnt run even glxgears so i try do modules from drm/linux-core , when i 
put drm.ko , i810.ko, i915.ko in lib/modules/.../char then i cant start kde 
(when start it freeze all green screen and 2 cm distortion up , when i 
change to console and back to graphical i have blank screen and only mouse 
running and nothing starting). I attach xorg log file , maybe could someone 
help me ? Without compiled drm kernel modules kde starting , with them ... 
no , what can I do?

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