Cutting misc fonts

bora.sahin at bora.sahin at
Thu Nov 1 04:54:42 PDT 2007


> On Wed, Oct 31, 2007 at 08:09:20PM +0200, bora.sahin at wrote:
> > We have an embedded system based on MIPS. After I cross compiled Xorg,
> > cut some big parts of it by using "trial-and-test" method but I stuck
> > with lib/X11/fonts/misc folder, which contains necessary fonts. How can I
> > cut it to a bare minumum?
> Build the server with --enable-builtin-fonts.

Hmm. My Xorg version is 6.8.2. I know this is very old but its features are 
enough for us. I cross compiled it long time ago, and now we have some 
storage limitations. I grepped the source for "font" and come up with 
"BuildBuiltinFonts" in the config/cf/X11.tmpl file. Can I use it as a match 
for --enable-builtin-fonts?

Secondly, is this flag prevents the other fonts installed(only necessary ones) 
or fonts are installed but you can remove them?


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