Synchronizing _NET_WM_STATE writes and reads

Pat Kane pekane52 at
Fri Nov 9 06:29:53 PST 2007

 On Nov 9, 2007 7:01 AM, Dirk Thierbach <dthierbach at> wrote:
  > 3a. Wait for Property change notify event
  > 3b. Assert that the proper states are set.
Yes, I agree.  Until the Property event arrives the state
changes are not valid.

 > Or, even better, just react to the event, and never wait for it. If the WM
 > chooses to ignore your request, that's the proper way to do it.
That is also a very good point.   Trying to debug a GUI hang that
is triggered by a WM ignoring a Property change is a hard way to have fun.

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