exchange between drm (git) and the kernel-included drm: how does this work?

Jens Stroebel dr-xorg at
Fri Nov 9 08:00:27 PST 2007

			Hello there.

When reading the announcement for the pre-released intel driver, I
noticed the advice to maybe use kernel if running linux, in
which case one could use the drm-kernel-modules included with the kernel
together with the intel driver in question.

The question of how changes in drm find their way into the linux kernel...

Are there mechanisms in place which determine the adoption of a specific
version of the git drm? Is it similar to the other parts of the kernel
in that drm-in-kernel has a maintainer who ACKs and submits changes
which then get peer-reviewed before actually getting to be part of the
released kernel?

Information about that would be most welcome (as I was asked this question).

dr-xorg at
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