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Matthias Hopf mhopf at suse.de
Fri Nov 9 09:13:55 PST 2007

While debugging the previously mentioned RandR issues I developed a test
suite in perl. Though at the moment it only tests setting one output at
a time, it should be improved to add some multi-output setting as well.
Also it only tests clone modes at the moment, no multi-monitor setups.

The test cases look arbitrary, but have in fact carefully designed to
map all issues I have found during debugging our driver and RandR. So
please be careful with rearranging existing tests.

Without my first xrandr patch test #s2 fails. Without the modes/rrcrtc.c
patch test #s4 fails. Without my second xrandr patch I think it was test
#s11 that fails, but I don't remember exactly.

Most of the test suite deals with selecting outputs and modes for
testing. One mode has to be common to all tested outputs, the others
should all be non-common. It is general enough that it should work with
all drivers and outputs.

I'll submit this to the xrandr package if there are no concerns.

P.S. Be aware of hefty monitor flickering while executing the tests ;-)
     I also very much suggest having some application running (e.g.
     xbiff) while performing the test - server resets slow down the
     process significantly, though everything seems to work as expected.


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