[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel-2.1.99

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 18:46:34 PST 2007

> It isn't mine. It forces the XV video to use overlay mode (obviously not
> on 965 which doesn't have one), as the XAA acceleration would cause
> BadAlloc errors when trying to use textured video with compositing.
> Comments in the source-code indicate this may be an insurmountable
> problem with XAA, in that it can't ensure the texture memory for the
> video is in the right place.

I have a patch in Fedora for fixing Xv/XAA/composite but it is a
really dirty hack that allocates 4MB of RAM to work around the

However it isn't suitable fix for upstream..


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