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Paulo Zanoni przanoni at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 08:16:24 PST 2007

2007/11/13, onetwo jojo <onetwojojo at gmail.com>:
> Hi Paulo
> The requirements on your website(for Multiseat 7.04 beta),
> say that 2 GFx cards are required.

You can also use cards with 2 outputs, but you'll have to change the scripts.

> Yan (& me) _seem_ to be looking for multiseat of 2 screens (i.e
> dual-head multiseat)
> (what you seem to be suggesting is running 2 instances of Xorg on each GFx card)

Both Xephyr and Xgl solutions run only 1 instance of Xorg (and
multiple instances of Xephyr/Xgl). The live-cd uses Xephyr.

> (I believe multiseat on 2 individual GFx is already supported by
> latest Xorg directly..isn't it)
Multi-head is supported, not multiseat.

> On a sidenote, dual-head mobo support is pretty common these days, if
> support is added for them, you would have a _huge_ base of beta
> testers.
You mean cards with 2 video outputs?
Well, we still plan to make generic scripts to work with them...

> On multiseat documentation, wikibooks, are not current and out of
> date, Xorg seems to be a moving target !
We know =(
But you can still learn how things work there =)

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