Big-Endian problem with Fujitsu CoralPA (Clemens Koller)

Michel Dänzer michel at
Wed Nov 21 02:55:55 PST 2007

On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 11:08 +0200, Jarno Manninen wrote: 
> > I would be glad to do some tests and debugging here, but
> > I am not really happy with the lacking documentation / my lilited
> > knowledge about the details and how it's supposed to be
> > implemented (in an elegant way = without performance
> > penalty / limited functionality).
> Hello!
> I had the same problem, or still have if you will, with endianess but with 
> SMI722. Quick and easy, but still a bit slow solution is to deny all SW 
> access to the framebuffer and swap the  bytes correctly in 
> UploadTo/DownloadFrom-screen functions. 

With the "always" migration heuristic (the default for a couple of
xserver releases now), non-screen pixmaps are never touched directly
offscreen by the CPU anyway, so this shouldn't incur any penalty (beyond
any byte swapping cost). It doesn't help for the screen pixmap though,
which might require something like wfb.

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