Writing a tablet driver

jbowtie at amathaine.com jbowtie at amathaine.com
Wed Nov 21 19:14:26 PST 2007

There's an existing driver for the aiptek tablets, but it appears to have
suffered a great deal of bitrot. There's a SourceForge project (which I
nominally but not actively co-ordinate) which has got the kernel driver up
to speed and maintained in-tree, and it's time I stepped up to see what we
can do with the X driver.

What with the many recent changes around hotplugging, evdev, and MPX, we're
not too sure where to start looking for API details. If anybody can point
to docs or relatively sane source code, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Some specific questions: 

* Do we actually need our own driver, or can evdev take over completely? 
* Is there anything regarding init/teardown that needs special attention
for hotplugging? 
* We use the XInput spec for GIMP, Inkscape, etc, correct? What about
non-aware apps? 

Thanks for any help. 

John C Barstow

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