Writing a tablet driver

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at who-t.net
Wed Nov 21 22:31:14 PST 2007

jbowtie at amathaine.com wrote:
> What with the many recent changes around hotplugging, evdev, and MPX, we're
> not too sure where to start looking for API details. If anybody can point
> to docs or relatively sane source code, it would be greatly appreciated. 

evdev is the driver that is most up-to-date and reading through it to 
learn what's going on isn't that hard.
There's also a summary on the wiki: 

> * Is there anything regarding init/teardown that needs special attention
> for hotplugging? 

no. you won't actually know if your driver is initialised at startup or 
when the server is already running. the only rule to follow is don't 
segfault when you're cleaning up.

> * We use the XInput spec for GIMP, Inkscape, etc, correct? What about
> non-aware apps? 

core event generation is done fully in the server. All you need to do is 
pass the data as you get it up to the DDX (e.g. xf86PostButtonEvent).

#10324 may be an issue if you're working in device coordinates though.


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