i810: randr breaks after resume from ram?

Sascha Heid saschaheid at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 23:37:57 PST 2007

Hello there,

are there any known issues about rotating the screen using the i810
driver after the laptop has been suspended to ram?

The screen does not rotate anymore for me after my Laptop was suspended.
The i810 driver i use is 2.1.1 on both gentoo-linux and ubuntu gibbon.
The Laptop is a Thinkpad X60T (T=Tablet, thats why i want to rotate the screen).

I could try the latest i810-version if you want me to, the only reason
i haven't done that yet is because the wacom drivers (which i need for
my Tablet-PC) are not ready for Xorg-7.3.


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