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>     I just don't get this git thing. I understand it's a way to swap code 
> among developers working on various development trees. That's not what I 
> want it for though. I used X's shell script and got just what I 
> wanted the latest code from a "master" development branch. If it wan't for 
> the script I would have no X. Now getting it all to compile will be the hard 
> part. Git pull doesn't work. I think I need a URL too. Does anyone use this 
> for anything like cvs or svn?


Have to admit I'm having a bit of struggle understanding the
questions here.

It sounds like you got the git_build shell script and used
it to pull and compile top-of-tree X.  Is there a problem
with this?

Have you referenced the documentation at under
the heading "Information for Developers"?  This information
is admittedly imperfect, but does include documentation
about git and how uses it.  (Someone should bury the
homepage link to "CvsPolicy" somewhere in the historical
record and replace it with a "GitPolicy" page, though.  I'd
do it, but I apparently don't have the right permissions.)

Your last question in particular is confusing to me.  Yes,
git is what we use instead of CVS (which we used to use,
causing us untold grief from time to time) or Subversion
(which doesn't offer quite the right feature set for the
development model we've chosen).  The canonical git home
page, with lots of information, is at
Does this answer the question?

    Bart Massey
    bart at

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