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Sun Nov 25 11:55:59 PST 2007

I've been testing the latest Git code with the gentoo git ebuilds

It's a fantastic way of testing the code and I think some of the
developers really aught to test their code using this before a
reliease. I though it was something I was doing wrong not being able
to get xorg-server to build but it turns out it was just several bugs


On 25/11/2007, Barton C Massey <bart at> wrote:
> In message <000e01c82eff$8882c9b0$2f01a8c0 at YOUR4DECA83D3F> you wrote:
> >     I just don't get this git thing. I understand it's a way to swap code
> > among developers working on various development trees. That's not what I
> > want it for though. I used X's shell script and got just what I
> > wanted the latest code from a "master" development branch. If it wan't for
> > the script I would have no X. Now getting it all to compile will be the hard
> > part. Git pull doesn't work. I think I need a URL too. Does anyone use this
> > for anything like cvs or svn?
> Greetings,
> Have to admit I'm having a bit of struggle understanding the
> questions here.
> It sounds like you got the git_build shell script and used
> it to pull and compile top-of-tree X.  Is there a problem
> with this?
> Have you referenced the documentation at under
> the heading "Information for Developers"?  This information
> is admittedly imperfect, but does include documentation
> about git and how uses it.  (Someone should bury the
> homepage link to "CvsPolicy" somewhere in the historical
> record and replace it with a "GitPolicy" page, though.  I'd
> do it, but I apparently don't have the right permissions.)
> Your last question in particular is confusing to me.  Yes,
> git is what we use instead of CVS (which we used to use,
> causing us untold grief from time to time) or Subversion
> (which doesn't offer quite the right feature set for the
> development model we've chosen).  The canonical git home
> page, with lots of information, is at
> Does this answer the question?
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