How to change the runtime search patch for cross compiled Xfbdev at
Wed Nov 28 07:14:53 PST 2007

     Thank you, Ross Burton
	 I don't want to use OpenEmbedded, Pokyhe and such as. 
     I follow your instruction, use the follow command to build all the Xorg:
$ export DESTDIR=/work/crossbuild/X
$ export CROSSTOOLDIR=/usr/local/arm/gcc-3.4.5-glibc-2.3.6/arm-linux/arm-linux
$ export C_INCLUDE_PATH=$DESTDIR/usr/include
$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$CROSSTOOLDIR/lib/pkgconfig:$DESTDIR/usr/lib/pkgconfig
$ ./util/modular/ -b -h arm-linux /usr

     But the .pc file created in /work/crossbuild/X/usr/lib/pkgconfig, use the dir 
based /usr. It will cause some error when build the other files, if they are configed
by pkg-config. 
      For example, the xtrans.pc is:

Name: XTrans
Description: Abstract network code for X
Version: 1.0.4

     I really want to build Xorg withou other build system, what can I do?     

>On Wed, 2007-11-28 at 00:34 +0800, wrote:
>> Hi, all:
>>    I set "--prefix=/work/crossbuild" when cross compiling Xfbdev.
>> And put all the things in /work/crossbuild/ to the dir /usr/X11/ 
>> in my ARM board's root fs.
>This is not the correct way to build X, use --prefix=/usr and then run
>DESTDIR=/work/crossbuild make install to install the files
>into /work/crossbuild.
>I can heavily recommend a system to do this for you, such as
>OpenEmbedded or Poky.
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