xf86-video-nv problems on Quadro FX 570M

Arto Huusko arto.huusko at pp2.inet.fi
Wed Nov 28 07:46:44 PST 2007

I have a bunch of problems using Quadro FX 570 M graphics
controller with xf86-video-nv 2.1.6. This is with NetBSD/amd64
OS, ThinkPad T61p, and xserver 1.3.0.

First, with driver version 2.1.5, X couldn't be started, because
it hung up eating 100% CPU before even opening the display.

2.1.6 fixed this startup problem, but 2.1.6 ends up in the
same (or similar) state in at least two instances:

  - when X is reinitialized, or whatever xdm does when I logout
    from X, and xdm prepares to bring login scren back; that is
    * starting X works
    * ending X works
    * but when I login using xdm, and then logout, display
      drops back to console, with Xorg consuming 100% CPU

  - when I have a monitor plugged in to the VGA port, starting
    X has the same effect: black display, 100% CPU used
    * log ends right after "Silken mouse enabled"

Log also shows something wrong with LVDS detection, when a
monitor is plugged in the VGA port: X detects LVDS native
size to be 738x414 pixels (or something like that), when
without VGA X correctly detects 1680x1050 resolution. The
log also shows that mode probing doesn't find any resolutions
above the 7??x4?? resolution in this case, when without VGA
all the resolutions are picked up.

 From what little I tested, DVI+LVDS seems to work fine, but
I'm having trouble with my monitor's DVI connector, so I didn't
test too much.

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