Website maintenance volunteers?

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Wed Nov 28 12:04:39 PST 2007

On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 08:38:51PM +0200, Daniel Stone wrote:
> Hi,
> As you may have noticed, our website is pretty crap.  I had fairly grand
> plans to fix it, but the current spam influx with Moin has drained any
> will I had to work on it, and realistically, I'm overcommitted anyway.
> So, does anyone want to work on the website? It looks like an ideal
> solution will involve moving away from Moin, as well as properly
> namespacing a lot of stuff, cleaning everything up, doing a tiny bit of
> design work to make it look good, and generally making it something
> people will want to work with to improve, rather than just battle
> against.

Would mediawiki be an option?  I set up mediawiki for Inkscape
( which has turned out quite nicely.

We had some spam issues at first, but I tightened up the settings and
installed a couple spam plugins, and we've not really had any issues
since (see RecentChanges).  I added a few moderators who take care of
the oddball stuff that slips through, but otherwise it's been
maintenance-free for me.  It's also proven to be quite ameniable to
theming.  There seems to be quite a bit of experienced mediawiki users
out there to make good use of its features, too.

Anyway, my time's also pretty limited, but I've set up many mediawiki's,
and I think this is something that'd pay off well - I'm frequently
looking for info that *ought* to be on but isn't.  :-)


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