Website maintenance volunteers?

Daniel Stone daniel at
Wed Nov 28 10:38:51 PST 2007

As you may have noticed, our website is pretty crap.  I had fairly grand
plans to fix it, but the current spam influx with Moin has drained any
will I had to work on it, and realistically, I'm overcommitted anyway.

So, does anyone want to work on the website? It looks like an ideal
solution will involve moving away from Moin, as well as properly
namespacing a lot of stuff, cleaning everything up, doing a tiny bit of
design work to make it look good, and generally making it something
people will want to work with to improve, rather than just battle

We can't offer you remuneration, just adoration and drinks at
conferences.  But it's extremely rewarding.  The gift that keeps on
giving.  Apply within!

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