[PATCH] xinput: Update for XInput in Xorg 1.4

Philip Langdale plangdale at vmware.com
Wed Nov 28 16:42:56 PST 2007

Simon Thum wrote:
> I guess my code already uses the right spots to support
> XChangeFeedbackControl. However, my current approach does not work well
> with arbitrary acceleration settings. It is possible to create quite
> awkward combinations, and given limited tool support for my approach
> people _will_ stumble into this.
> A possible solution would be to somehow unify overlapping settings.
> But at first let me know how you think about it :)

I'll need time to look through this, but keep in mind that the xinput tool
simply exposes the Xinput API. If the mouse feedback knobs that the API
exposes are not appropriate for this new acceleration model, then you need
to modify the API to expose a new set of knobs. At that point we can worry
about updating the tool to reflect those changes.

While I might be maintaining the tool, I'm certainly not the owner of
the API - so you need to have that conversation with other people - who should
be reading this mailing list, at least.


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