[PATCH] xinput: Update for XInput in Xorg 1.4

Simon Thum simon.thum at gmx.de
Thu Nov 29 02:53:39 PST 2007

Philip Langdale wrote:

> to modify the API to expose a new set of knobs. At that point we can worry
> about updating the tool to reflect those changes.
That's what I had in Mind - for a small subset of my settings.

> While I might be maintaining the tool, I'm certainly not the owner of
> the API - so you need to have that conversation with other people - who should
> be reading this mailing list, at least.
Well - I didn't know there was a tool :) and of course API changes need
a wider approval.
I think I'll stick to extending via XChangeDeviceControl without
wrecking ABI, and when that's through we can see what else is up.

Maybe the xinput tool is a matching place to fiddle with my acc models
knobs when I am at this point?


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